The Quaker Testimonies


Quaker Testimonies 

Often misunderstood, the Quaker Testimonies, are not a set of moral guidelines that Friends developed and then agreed to live by.

But rather –  The testimonies grew out of our direct spiritual experience
and express 
outwardly as we are led by the Light within.

A testimony is therefore not a belief but is committed action.

The purpose of each Quaker Testimony web page on this site is to offer information for the newcomer as well as
an exploration of that testimony topic. They feature activism and a range of perspectives held by Friends. 


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Historically Quakers have refused to fight, but we haven’t been passive. We’ve worked in conflict resolution, mediation and reconciliation, disarmament, social and economic justice, and giving aid to all sides.
All are God’s beloved children, despite the way each may be measured by human society. Early Quakers were Suffragists and Abolitionists. Quakers today are committed to ending oppression against all people.  

Being truthful to ourselves and others is key to spiritual growth. In order to follow the leadings of Spirit, we must be willing to act on the truth as it is known to us and make our actions consistent with inner values.

A simple life is one that can focus on what is truly important. Friends know that an excess of material possessions divides people from each other and from a spiritual life.  

We are a cloe-knit group. And we believe that community extends beyond our meetinghouse. It includes all the people in the world. 
For centuries Friends have approached life in a respectful and inclusive way. That respect is extended to all humans, creatures and life-sustaining elements of the earth.