Virtual Meetings at Amesbury Friends


Virtual Meeting for Worship  


During this time of physical distancing to minimize the spread of COVID-19, we will be meeting virtually.

If you would like to join us for Sunday Worship –

send a request to be added to our Zoom Notification List to: careofmeetingafm [at] gmail dot com


Instructions for Using Zoom 

You will need the Zoom software:


How to Join a Zoom Meeting:

How to Join Virtual Meeting for Worship

  • The Zoom Meeting link will be sent out at 9:45 on Sundays through our Announcements.

  • Click on that link to join Meeting for Worship.

  • Select ‘Join With Video’ or ‘Join Without Video’.

  • On the next page, select ‘Join With Audio’ to be able to hear and speak.

  • If you want to join by phone, follow the instructions in that same email.

Guidelines for Virtual Meeting for Worship

  • Please enter the zoom Meeting for Worship in silence, just as you would the worship room at our Meetinghouse.


  • Your microphone will be muted automatically when you enter worship. Please leave it muted unless you are moved to speak.


  • If you use the zoom meeting interface, please type your first and last names at the beginning, so we will know who is worshipping with us and who is speaking.


  • Please recognize and respect that there are a variety of ways people may participate, from worshipping on their own without any electronic connection, to using an audio-only phone call, or the full audio-visual experience. It is important that all feel free to participate as they are led.


  • Zoom has two modes found at the top right of the screen, “speaker” and “grid.” You may want to try both to get the experience you like best. It seems that the layout of the zoom page may differ depending on which device you use. Google may be helpful.


  • Meeting for worship will take place until it is ended by the person doing care of meeting. Then we will proceed to our usual order of practice after Meeting for Worship:

    • Holding People and Situations in the Light

    • Introductions

    • Announcements

    • Social time