Guidelines for Use of the Amesbury Friends Meetinghouse

Before scheduling any meetings or events at the Amesbury Friends Meetinghouse, or the Amesbury Friends Peace Center (which is located at our Meetinghouse), please check our events calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts.

To determine the fee for use and to ensure appropriate use of the meetinghouse facilities, please email the Clerk of Meeting at clerk [at]

We request that your group follow the Guidelines below:

Heat – We need to conserve energy so heat in the fellowship room should be turned all the way down to 50 when not in use. Programmed thermostats may be temporarily turned up but should no be re-programmed. Heat in upstairs bathroom should be kept on low at all times during winter to prevent pipes from freezing.

Interior Doors – All doors, except downstairs bathrooms, should be left closed. In the event of a fire, this would help prevent it from spreading. Bathroom doors should be left open to let moisture out so mold doesn’t grow.

Exterior Doors – The last person to leave the building is responsible to make sure doors are closed securely and locked. Special “keys” to open and close push bars should be kept hanging on the hook next to the front door and next to the furnace room door. Insert the key in the hole on the bar and turn while pushing or releasing the push bar.

Cleaning – Groups that use a space are expected to leave it in the condition they found it. If needed, the rooms used should be vacuumed or swept.

Trash – Please pick up all trash, empty wastebaskets you have used, and take your trash with you when you leave. Trash pick up at the meetinghouse is only on Fridays.

Windows – During warm weather some upstairs windows may be propped open. Heat should be shut off. All windows must be closed before you leave. In the warm weather, the emergency furnace switch outside the furnace room should be OFF.

Furniture – If pieces of furniture are moved, please return them to places where they were before leaving. A photo of the furniture placement in the fellowship room is posted on the bulletin board.

Supplies – the meeting maintains a good supply of toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning materials accessible to all who use the building. Groups that aren’t part of AMM should supply their own disposable cups, plates, coffee, and tea.

Snow Shoveling – Those using the building need to clear paths and steps as needed. Shovels are stored in the furnace room. A key to the furnace room is on the hook to the right of the door. Please return the key to the hook.

We thank you in advance for following our guidelines so that we can continue to offer our space to local organizations. 🙂