Committees and Clerks

Quaker meetings function by appointing members to volunteer positions (offices) and committees. The person in the role of Clerk of Meeting position has the most central role. The Clerk chairs business meetings and handles most general communications.

The leader of each committee is called the Clerk of that committee. When the Clerk of Meeting or the Clerk of any committee’s term expires, a new clerk is appointed.

The meeting runs on a fiscal year October 1 to September 30. The Clerk of Meeting is a 3-year position. All other Clerk positions are one year.

2018-2019 Amesbury Friends Clerk Positions and Committee Members:

Archivist Ed Mair
Building Committee Clerks: Chaffee Monell
David Currie
Annie Rewcastle
Care of Meeting Deborah Peabody
Clerk of Meeting Tim Barash
Salem Quarter Representative Kathleen Stearns
Correspondence Clerk Jeremy James
Finance Committee

Clerk: Ed Mair
Joanne Megna-Wallace
Tim Barash
Annie Rewcastle

First Day School Clerk  
Ministry & Counsel Committee

Clerk: Ted Leigh
Tim Barash
Jeanne Smith
Cecilia Leigh
David Moon
Annie Rewcastle

Peace & Social Concerns Clerk Deborah Peabody
Recorder Suzanne Austin
Treasurer Joanne Megna-Wallace
Nominating Committee

Priscilla Jones
Edith Maxwell
Sarah Ward

 Website & Social Media Christine Green
Edith Maxwell