Who Are Quakers?

Friends' Beliefs and Testimonies

Friends believe that each person can experience direct contact with the Divine requiring no human intermediary, doctrine, or creed, that there is that of God in everyone, and that we can become instruments of God's will if we allow ourselves to seek and follow the leadings of the Spirit in our daily lives.

Each of us discerns how to share our individual gifts for ministering to others. As Rufus M. Jones stated, "Our mission of service is (the means) by which we express ourselves to the world" (1937), Engaging ourselves in the exercise of God's spirit is the "work" of worship and it is the way lives are transformed.


Five fundamental Quaker principles or Testimonies that Friends strive to live by are:

  • Simplicity

  • Peace

  • Integrity

  • Community

  • Equality

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