First Day School

First Day School (FDS) meets the third First Day (Sunday) of each month at 10:00 am. First day School youth attend Meeting for Worship for the first few minutes and then leave to attend FDS classes and activities downstairs. They later rejoin the Meeting for the last 10 minutes of sharing. FDS activities may include regular class lessons, outdoor activities, creative projects, and/or field trips.

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First Day School - Classes at Meetinghouse Meet the third First Day (Sunday) of each month at 10:00 am. Classes meet in the First Day School room downstairs during the school year from September to June. During the summer months Childcare is provided in the First Day School room.

The Passages Program - The PASSAGES program is designed to work with children at a time of passage from childhood to adulthood (ages 12 and older). It is based on each student working with an adult mentor and participating in three areas of study: Education, Service and Presentation. Meetings are held every two weeks at one of the leaders’ homes, with additional time for study during regular First Day Meetings. During FDS classes, these students use this time to work on their projects.

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends: Friends Camp - Friends Camp is a residential summer camp for boys and girls ages 7 - 17. It is a diverse and caring community that nurtures the unique personalities of all of their campers. Friends Camp is an exceptional place where ample time for childhood and reflection is combined with creative arts, non-competitive games, waterfront activities, drama, group games, and many interesting and creative activities. Go to Friends Camp.

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends: Youth Retreats - NEYM has youth retreats for students of all ages - elementary to young adults- at various times during the school year. Go to Youth Retreats.

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends: Annual Sessions - NEYM has youth programs at it Annual Sessions held during the first week of August. Go to NEYM Annual Sessions.