Brief History of Amesbury Friends Meeting

The first record of the Friends Society in Hampton, New Hampshire, is in 1701. At that time the decision was made to build a meetinghouse. A total of sixty-six pounds was raised to pay for the structure and in June of 1701 Thomas Chase of Hampton gave a parcel of land to the Quakers of the area to "Seat a Meetinghouse thereon" Quakers from all the surrounding towns attended monthly or weekly meeting there until a Meetinghouse was built in Amesbury in 1705. Between 1710 and 1768 monthly meeting alternated between the two locations. In 1705 the first written record of our meeting appeared. It met under the care of the Hampton N.H. Monthly Meeting with a name change in 1792 to the Seabrook Monthly Meeting. In 1884 we became the Amesbury Monthly Meeting. Our meeting with other local meetings Salem Quarterly Meeting, which convenes once per quarter. Along with other New England Quarterly Meetings, we are members of the

First Day School (Sunday School): 10 a.m. Every Third Sunday of the month we meet at the Amesbury Meetinghouse for worship and offer planned activities downstairs for children with our First Day School. The Amesbury Friends Meeting is an unprogrammed meeting. For more information, go to An Invitation to Meeting for Worship and Suggestions for Newcomers.

Meeting for Worship to Conduct Business: Third Sunday of each month: 8:25 a.m. On the third Sunday of the month we join to discuss Friends' business, conducted in the Spirit of Meeting for Worship. We reach decisions through careful listening to God's will and speaking from the heart, believing this process to be as important as the decision itself.
The work of the Meeting is all volunteer, organized by various committees. We encourage new members to attend Meeting for Business and work on a committee to enjoy the fuller life of our Quaker Community. For details, go to
Committees and their Clerks.

Part of the work of the Amesbury Friends Meeting is Outreach, both financial and/or volunteer, to various Quaker and Community organizations. We call this program "Living Our Vision."For more information, go to Living Our Vision.

To read a point of view about Quakerism from a member of the Amesbury Monthly Meeting, click here. We invite you to join ever-widening circle of Friends

Contact: Clerk Paula Chase, Amesbury Friends Meeting, 120 Friend Street, Amesbury, MA 01913

Telephone: 978-378-0553, please leave a message and call will be returned
Email: Amesbury.Monthly.Meeting@gmail.com